Estate Administration

Our office can make administrative duties of an executor, administrator, or personal representative easier. The responsibilities of administering an estate can be overwhelming to a person who suddenly is placed in the position of executor. Estate administration is time consuming and requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge. The process involves identifying assets, setting up and retaining proper records, following accepted procedures, and fulfilling on-going legal and tax requirements. To many who have found themselves saddled with these charges, the responsibilities can be beyond their ability or willingness to serve. A surviving spouse, in particular, may find this responsibility daunting during an already difficult time.

Unfortunately, the grief of loss can cause changes in the closest of families. We are pleased to serve in the role of neutral executors in such situations, lessening the tensions among family members and allowing the preservation or reconciliation of those crucial family relationships.

We can provide the services necessary to take care of the details of estate administration. Working in coordination with probate or estate planning attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, appraisers, and when necessary, asset liquidation services, we are able to manage an estate from appointment to closure. Upon settlement of an estate, we can see that the appropriate assets are transferred to individual beneficiaries, designated trusts, or to charitable beneficiaries.

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