Trust Management

Trust management requires not only familiarity with the fiduciary duties enumerated in the Texas Trust Code, but an ability to administer the particular assets owned by the trust. This can be a complex and frightening world for most people. We are uniquely positioned by background, education, experience, and geography to address the intricate issues that present themselves in the administration of trusts, especially trusts that own oil and gas interests or real estate.

Serving as individual co-trustees or agents is a role Jack Swallow and Julia Swallow are happy to accept. If appointment of a family member as trustee has been or might become the source of acrimony within a family, we can step in as neutral parties, ready and able to accept the responsibility of trust administration. We take great personal satisfaction in situations in which our appointment by a court in a highly charged situation has freed family members to repair their relationships.

Another cherished role in which we serve is as co-trustees over special needs trusts. Because of our own family experiences, we understand the unique stress on family members of individuals with special needs. Fortunately, medical advances have allowed for longer life but the concern then becomes "what if I die before they do?" Of course, we can never completely take away your concern for that person but we can help alleviate the stress by being available to handle the administration of your loved one's special needs trust.

Jack Swallow has extensive experience managing charitable vehicles, including grant making and scholarship administration. We can help you perpetuate your philanthropic goals through a charitable trust.

Jack and Julia can be appointed as co-trustees of a private trust, special needs trust, or charitable trust in several different situations:

  1. The trustor may appoint us as co-trustees to assume our duties during his or her lifetime;
  2. We may be appointed by will to begin our work after the death of the trustor;
  3. We may be called in to manage community assets during or after a divorce;
  4. We may be appointed as successor co-trustees when successors are needed;
  5. We may be appointed by the court when the situation requires a change in trustee;
  6. We may be appointed as the result of an agreement by beneficiaries to a trust as a compromise to resolve disagreements between beneficiaries or between the current trustee and beneficiaries;
  7. We may be appointed by a court to manage an award of assets as a result of a lawsuit.

We can be retained by a trustee to serve as his or her agents when:

  1. A trustee has been appointed who is unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the fiduciary responsibilities given to him or her.
  2. Geographical distance makes management of the trust by the named trustee difficult;
  3. Management of the specific type of assets owned by the trust (such as oil and gas interests) is beyond the expertise of the named trustee;
  4. A neutral, or non-family member, is needed to effectively carry out the duties of trustee when disagreements arise among the beneficiaries and the current trustee.

Many of our trusts require management of agricultural land. We assume responsibility for negotiation with tenants in their use of the land for farming, grazing, and hunting.  Federal and state reports are prepared and filed to obtain the benefits that might be available. We have the expertise to consider development for oil and gas, wind and solar energy, and other opportunities, while respecting the sentimental value of the land itself.

We have assembled a highly experienced staff uniquely qualified to manage oil and gas assets. Many of our clients own royalty interests, overriding royalty interests, mineral interests, and working interests. Their future planning utilizes our strengths in this field. Please follow this LINK to read more about our oil and gas management services utilized in many different trust, estate, and personal administration situations.

While most of our trusts require our management of oil and gas interests, many trusts also contain various securities and other investments. Unless a change is absolutely necessary, we preserve our clients' existing relationships with their investment advisors, benefitting from their familiarity with our clients, their goals, and their investment strategies.

We recognize and appreciate that our clients' investment advisors, attorneys, and accountants are valued members of our clients' team. Upon assumption of the responsibilities assigned to us by our clients, those professionals become valued members of our team in the provision of their services to our clients. We will be happy to meet with your professional advisor to discuss our services or provide additional information.

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